Mugai Ryu

Traditionele Japanse zwaardvechtkunst met katana afkomstig van de samoerai, bedoeld voor cultivatie van lichaam en geest

Mugai Ryu

Mugai Ryu Seminar in Groningen

On April 20th

We will hold a Mugai Ryu seminar in the Netherlands in April under Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern (6Dan, Renshi)

Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern

Mugai Ryu is an old, authentic martial art of the Samurai. It goes back to the year 1693 and is still taught in its pure form. Mugai Ryu Iaido is the essence of Japanese sword fighting and a way of the Zen.

Mugai Ryu Iaido & Kenjutsu - Niina Toyoaki Gosoke

Plain, clear beauty and efficiency. Mugai Ryu Iaido contains no superfluous or pointless movements, every movement has a deeper and practical sense which is also taught. Mugai Ryu is Zen in Motion. Next to the technical training the development of a strong character is in focus.


Appliance at the seminar

times and costs

Sunday, 20th April 2014: 12.00 to 17.00.

Price: 30,- Euro


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Chris De Jongh


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